Friday, June 15, 2012

And after a brief pause we’re back to the Lekanis Lid

I’m back to some Archaeological Illustration today. Here is an update on the progress of my Lekanis lid.

Lekanis Lid, part 4
(Derwent Drawing pencils on Illustration board)
At this point it’s beginning to look pretty good. I’ve corrected some of my earlier drawing errors on the rim and have sketched in some shadow shapes to add later. At this stage, the pencils are doing what I’d hoped they’d do, giving me a flat, matte look which is a perfect match to the dull, ceramic surface of the original object. I can already tell that I’ll be adding a few touches of shiny Prismacolor near the end, as there are some bits of shiny, yellow paint on the original lid that can’t really be rendered adequately with these dull pencils.

As I look over at the piece on my easel, I’m rather pleased by it. It’s already got a good three-dimensional effect, even though and it’s only about 2/3 of the way completed. Although it has been some time since I did a piece of this type, it seems that I haven't forgotten how to do it. That makes me happy as Archaeological Illustration is one of my favorite subjects for illustration.

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