Saturday, April 7, 2012

Welcome Spring

Platinum Carbon Black ink and Daniel Smith watercolors in a Stillman and Birn Delta sketchbook.
It’s been a late Spring here in the Pacific Northwest. Our days of sunshine have been rare indeed and I’d heard reports of local hail until just a few days ago. Thursday was one of those rare and beautiful days in Seattle and I spent a few precious hours at Green Lake having lunch and doing some sketching.

This stand of daffodils was just beautiful and I couldn’t resist drawing them. I was planning on adding color on site too, but it turned out I had the wrong mini-palette with me (all Winter colors and no Spring) so I added color at home. I have been doing so much work in black and white lately that it was a real treat to pick up my watercolor brushes again. Hopefully, the weather will hold and I'll be able to do some more outdoor sketching again really soon!


  1. Beautiful drawing! Thanks again for blogging about Stillman & Birn. Feel free to upload to our Facebook page if you would care to do so.

    1. Thanks Michael. I would be happy to put it up on your FB page. :-)