Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Musings of the morning...

I think a Banditapple Carnet Peewee notebook in Manuka Honey and a Noodler's Flex pen in Carniolan Honey would make a perfecty matched set. Especially with Diamine Sepia ink in the pen. All would be in similar shades of honey-brown.

Banditapple Carnet Peewee Notebook (blank) with Manuka Honey cover.
(Photo from

Noodler's Flex pen in Carniolan Honey color.
(Photo from

Diamine Sepia fountain pen ink color sample.
(Photo from
Wouldn't that be harmonious?
I already have a Banditapple Carnet Peewee blank notebook with a black cover and I really like it. The paper seems pretty bulletproof for ink.

Here's a picture I did in my own Peewee with Diamine ink. The ink doesn't feather on the page at all and there's no bleed through to the pages behind. Pretty amazing for notebook costing $3.50!
"Angry Pony" - in Diamine Sepia ink with Pitt brush pen in Banditapple notebook.

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