Friday, March 9, 2012

Horse Life 9

Horse people love new things. The newest is always the most cool and hip and therefore a “must have.” Over the years I have seen a lot of these must - haves come and go…and some of them have been whoppers! For example, does anyone know if “Saddle Tite” is still in existence? In high school we used to joke about gluing yourself to the saddle and voila! they invented saddle glue! *chuckle*

My other day job is as a massage therapist and I’ve been an equine therapist for 28 years now. Let me tell you, the amount of massage contraptions I have seen over the years is quite astounding. This Horse Life is dedicated to those contraptions – the newest things for horse health!


  1. Never found anything that beat hands, fingers & the occasional elbow.
    Katherine Walcott