Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blue Nose Bear

Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear is an interesting ink. It’s a cool blue-green color and is, according to Noodler’s Inks, bulletproof (proof against forgery/solvents), partially waterproof, and fluorescent. One of the main selling points for this ink is that it will create a light blue halo around spots that bleed. It writes rather wet, which I like, and that wetness shows off some of its haloing qualities on the right paper. I’ve been noodling around with it (pun intended) for some time now but finally had a moment to do a complete piece with it to see how it did. Here is the result.
"Hillside", Noodler's Blue Nose Bear ink on Stillman and Birn Epsilon paper
I am quite pleased with this drawing. Somehow this color seems appropriate to Pacific Northwest landscapes. Although it is not extremely clear in the scan, you can actually see some haloing in the darkest darks.

So what is my impression of Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear? I like it! I will definitely be leaving it in one of my Nib Creaper Flex pens for a while.

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