Thursday, June 9, 2011

Noodler’s Flex pen! Arrived safe and sound.

I’m going to pause briefly before part 2 of my pen & ink article to boast that my Noodler’s Flex pen and ink samples arrived today from Goulet Pens! Yeah! There was a true “pen stampede” to buy them last Monday. I give huge kudos to the folks at Goulet Pens who handled the rush with so much grace.

I haven’t yet tried out the pen but will be tonight or tomorrow. I’m very excited to see what it can do! Loving my Noodler’s piston-fill pen the way I do, I can only imagine that the Flex pen will also become one of my favorites. I was able to get a clear demonstrator model which I thought was a great idea because you can see what color of ink you’ve put in it. This seems very convenient if you plan to change back and forth between two identical pens with a different colors of ink in each.

Goulet offers ink samples in sets or individually and they have many colors and brands of inks to choose from. What a great way to experiment with new ink colors without buying a whole bottle. I ordered a Noodler’s sample set of nine inks and two others, Noodler’s “Golden Brown” and Noodler’s “Fox Red.” The sample set comes with several inks I’m particularly excited about trying, “Black Swan in Australian Roses” and “Apache Sunset,” both of which look like lovely colors.

So here I am at once doing a massive business rebuild (mentioned in a previous post) while getting itchy fingers to play with my new pen. I suppose it’s a great incentive to work a bit more tonight and then let myself scribble to my heart's content! :-)

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