Monday, March 28, 2011

Another contest?! What???

"Girl Reading The Post" by Norman Rockwell
I write this under another incredible deadline. What?!! Ok, let’s start from the beginning…

Last weekend Matt and I ventured down to the Tacoma Art Museum to take in a wonderful traveling show of Norman Rockwell’s art including ALL the covers he did for “The Saturday Evening Post.” That represented over 300 covers spanning more than 50 years. Wow!

I love Rockwell. He was a modern master and incredibly expert at what he did. It was truly amazing seeing so much of his work in one place. So very inspiring to me both as an illustrator and as someone who frequently works from photographs. He did both right, really right!

While we were there we also participated in an interactive exhibit called “Mighty Tacoma: Photographic Portrait” an exhibition to honor the museum’s 75th anniversary. You can see our picture (mugging for the camera in a very Rockwell manner) on my Flickr site. I really like that museum, it was really friendly and well put together. If we lived closer I would definitely be a docent for them, no question about it.  :-)

I brought home a “City Arts” magazine from the museum and saw that the magazine and the museum are collaborating on an art contest wherein you are asked to update one of Rockwell’s pieces in your own voice. Then, as fantastic coincidence would have it, later that day I saw a woman in EXACTLY THE SAME POSE as one of the Rockwell pieces in the show. My mouth dropped open! I quickly grabbed my phone and took a quiet snapshot. And so here we are…

The deadline for the contest is this Thursday! My piece is now well under way and looks good so far. I’ll write a blog entry about my process later in the week but for now I’m am chugging along full speed to the music of Paul Simon. Here I go, with the wind filling my sails.

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