Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Mess in My Study – Drawing Nene

So about this process that has been creating a mess in my study….

Since getting back from my recent trip, I have wanted to paint a Hawaiian scene including the state bird, the Hawaiian goose or “Nene.” For the past week or so I have been fiddling around with compositional armatures and colors palettes for this hypothetical painting. I’ve also done some color studies of the birds themselves to better understand their anatomy and how to render the feathers.

My messy drafting table
But something was missing. Something felt critically flat about my entire process. Then, just about a second ago, I remembered something. Something tremendously important! Paintings aren’t just about the details of composition, color, light, etc.. No! Paintings tell stories! How could I have EVER forgotten such an important thing? Forests? Trees? Hello?

My process

I love telling stories too! I feel so cheated by myself. But now I remember…and there’s no turning back now! Part of the point of today’s blog post is so that I won’t forget this very important point again (at least not soon.) Now that it’s all out in the open I have a physical marker to remember for the next time. (I can also remember to have a good laugh about it!)

Now I just need to make up a story about a sweet and gentle goose that is considered fairly stupid by the locals because it’s easy to catch. How hard can that be? (Actually it sounds like the beginning of a story for children. Hmmmmmm.) Well, here’s to it! ;-)

Sweet and gentle geese, Nene


  1. Well, they look great so far and I look forward to seeing where you take them!