Thursday, November 25, 2010


"Baxter," Prismacolor Pencil on Canson paper 9"x12"

Wow! It took me a long time to finish this piece. If it had been a commission it would have been done long ago. But since it was being done as a memory piece for me, I let other pieces get ahead of it for a while. I’m glad to see it finally done. And on Thanksgiving Day too!

Somehow that’s appropriate as I met this little guy and his “Dad” while on the cross-country trip to pick up my recently deceased Mom’s things from Vermont. He was visiting with his Dad the night we stayed at a motel in Vermont. Baxter had been recovering from a bite from a “bad bug” (a tick) and needed to be watched over and given his medicine. He was just so cute with his huge ears and winning attitude. I couldn’t resist photographing him for a later portrait. If only I could remember exactly where this motel was I’d let his Dad know about it.

Oh well. The Internet is large. Perhaps by good chance he’ll hear about it on my blog or Flickr. You never know… ;-)


  1. Oh my goodness sakes!!! You got him EXACTLY! He sure was the star of the hotel with his winning looks. One must keep in mind that it is only right that you post him the day of the big national dog show!!!! He's in great company. Somehow thinking that he would feel right at home 'doing the walk of winners'! ;-P

  2. YaY!!! I'm so glad to get to see this little guy completed and you have done a truly magnificent job on him too!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving hun,
    If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice.
    ~Meister Eckhart

  3. Oh my goodness what sweet comments! :-)

    Tracy: I'd forgotten about the big dog show today. Yes, I can totally see him taking a victory lap... :-)

    Anita: Thanks! *big smile* Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family too! *hug*

  4. Gorgeous work! =) Love that little terrier

  5. Oh, I hope Baxter's dad sees this! Baxter is just the cutest - it's a wonderful drawing of him. nancy

  6. Thanks Nancy! I hope his owner gets to see it too. I have an email in to his place of business and my fingers crossed. ;-)