Friday, April 16, 2010

Rest in Peace, Luise Light (3/6/37 - 4/15/10)

My sweet mother passed away last night about 10 pm PST after falling into a coma for much of the day. She was 73. She passed quietly in her sleep after a very fast and aggressive cancer of the Gall Bladder laid her low. Her awareness of the cancer lasted a mere four months before she was gone. Spiritually, I know she has passed to a place of light and I rejoice for her, no longer troubled as she is by the breaking down of her injured and weakening physical body. I know she rests in peace so the traditional saying is not needed. My mother wore many hats in her lifetime and taught me many skills. She was mother, wife, nutritionist, teacher, writer, editor, health watch-dog, playwright, fabulous and innovative cook, radio personality, town trustee, and Thoroughbred horse breeder. She was kind and kind of goofy both. She loved Chinese food and sweet deserts and made the best darn bruschetta you've ever tasted. I'm not sure she ever made the same dish more than twice (except for the bruschetta which we asked for) and was always experimenting in the kitchen. She wrote one of the very first all vegetarian cookbooks in the United States called "In Praise of Vegetables," in 1966. She was my mom and I will miss her very much.

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