Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Learning and reading

One of the great things about RSS feeds is that you begin to feel a sense of connection and community with others sharing your interests. I love the chance to read about another artist’s processes and be inspired by their work. Sometimes these artist/bloggers are also teachers and share wonderfully insightful information with their readers. The amount of information being shared on the web today is simply staggering! I am truly grateful to be able to share and learn with so many talented artists.

One of the blogs that I have been reading recently is by a painter named M.E. “Mike” Bailey. (M.E. Bailey Art Blog) Besides his art which I quite admire, I am also taken by the way he speaks about his creative process. In recent posts he has talked about the need to play with color, the value of experimentation, the principles of design, creating feeling in the viewer, stretching as an artist, composition, and doodling as a means to free and shift an artist’s perspective.

In my desire to enhance both the quality of my painting experience and my artwork I would like to quote Mike Bailey directly for a moment. He said recently, “It may seem like hard work to those who ‘just want to paint.’ But, I believe…the disappointment which most often follows rushing into a painting is a big price to pay. . . . .especially, when we artists put our treasured sweat and tears into the act of painting. It is worth the effort and time to work out the composition first, then set about getting it all on to canvas or paper.”

Here here Mike! I’m all over it. Now back to the brush!

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