Sunday, March 21, 2010

New travel watercolor kit

Watercolor has always been an important medium for me. I love the way the colors feel as you lay down your washes. I also love to watch the colors interact as they dry.

I have been away from this medium for many years, working instead with colored pencil, graphite, and pen & ink. I have missed it dearly and now that I am back painting again, I am determined to improve my skills with some disciplined study and daily practice. I have just started a new nature/urban sketch journal and have begun to fill its pages with notes, color tests, and sketches. I am still working out the best travel sketch kit for myself, but have put together some early contenders.

Here’s what’s in my kit today:

Daniel Smith Watercolor Sticks cut up into pans
Niji waterbrushes
Old toothbrush for splatter
Natural Sponge
Mechanical pencil
Kneaded eraser
Ink and brush pens
Watercolor postcards
Paper towels
Howda Bag (the best for carrying lots of stuff)
Digital camera
Plastic brush case

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