Friday, November 10, 2017

How to publish an illustrated novel

How to publish an illustrated novelthe insanely condensed version.
  1. Write the manuscript, then edit. 
  2. Sweat. 
  3. Design the storyboard. 
  4. Sweat. 
  5. Research then draw the illustrations. 
  6. Sweat. 
  7. More story editing. 
  8. Redraw things as needed. 
  9. Design the page and chapter decorations. 
  10. Sweat. 
  11. Design the actual book. 
  12. Sweat. 
  13. More editing. 
  14. More drawing adjustments. 
  15. Panic while book is being read by Beta readers.
  16. Design the book cover. 
  17. Get up from the desk and walk around. 
  18. Write the book blurb. 
  19. More editing. 
  20. Paint the book cover. 
  21. Consider what’s wrong with the painting then correct it. 
  22. Photograph the large illustrations and retouch photos as needed. 
  23. Set the book, then create PDFs. 
  24. Send it …in my case, to Amazon for review. 
  25. Pass out.
 The book is now at Amazon for review. Next step is getting it properly formatted for electronic formats. Here are some screen cap previews to wet your appetite. 

It's coming!!

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