Thursday, September 15, 2016

Third Thursday Sketching

"Raven Welcomes" (detail) 8" x 6", pen & ink and marker in a Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbook
Tonight, was Centralia's fun downtown Art Event - Third Thursday - sponsored by Jan Nontell's Rectangle Gallery. The event keeps growing each month and tonight the gallery was hopping! Besides flamingo painters, we had six urban sketchers turn out for Centralia/Olympia's emerging Urban Sketching chapter. The live music was a great and everyone had a good time.

I had my eye on one of Kit Metlen’s fabulous red cedar sculptures as my drawing subject tonight and settled down to do my sketching inside the gallery.

Originally, I'd planned to do a highly-technical perspective drawing of the large sculpture…but that all changed when I realized that I'd left my graphite pencils and rulers at home! So silly of me. I switched plans and did a freehand pen & ink and marker drawing instead.

The markers lended themselves to the brightly-painted figure and I had a good time with it. I met artist, Kit Metlen, and had a nice chat with him as I drew.

I’m tickled to be part of such a vibrant art community down here in southern Washington. When I moved down...I had no idea how much fun I was getting into.

This weekend starts Art Trails 2016, the local studios tour. If you’re in the area stop by the Rectangle Gallery and then head out to tour some of the local artist’s studios. It’s worth the trip.

P.S. Dawn’s Delectables stayed open late and I picked up a VERY yummy piece of chocolate cake on the way home.  

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