Friday, December 19, 2014

Double Posting

So I’ve started another blog which I’ve designated as my “writing” blog. It’s called Through the Looking Glass: My Life as a Mystery School. I’ve been writing a multi-part faerie tale in drabble format, which means that each part is done in a one hundred word segment. Although I’m going to keep my two blogs distinct (this being the ART blog, and that the WRITING blog) there is some overlap when it comes to artwork. I thought Flying Pony Studios fans might like to see my newest pieces, illustrations that go with parts II and III of the story, called “A Patchwork Tale.” You can read the entire thing (without the pictures) here.

“The Faerie-Knoll,” watercolor & gouache on paper,
8″ x 10″.  Copyright, Sara Light-Waller, 2014.

"The Elfin-Knight's Mount," pen & ink.
Copyright, Sara Light-Waller, 2014.

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