Friday, January 24, 2014

A very delayed post – or maybe not. It is my blog after all….

I thought it was high time I recorded something here about what’s been going on in my life.

I’ve been writing. Yes, writing. As I intend all the books in my series to roll out in a timely fashion, I need to have several book in various states of completion at once.

Here's the rundown on my forthcoming novel series - 

Book I of the series is nearly done. I’m currently working on the painting for the book cover. This will be one of the very last steps before I bring it out. (I tell myself to “have faith” several times a day. *lol*)

Book II is written and has already been through several drafts.

Book III is under way and the first draft is about 3/4 completed.

Book IV (the final book) is still a twinkle in my mind’s eye.

As you can well imagine this has been a lot of work. And a challenge to my courage and fortitude every step of the way. First it was, can I actually write these books? Then it was, can I step up and do the illustrations the way I visualize them? Now it’s, am I going really going to do a painting for the cover? Can I do it? Well, sure I can. But it means pushing my skills once again.

So that’s what I'm doing right now — preparing the painting for the Book I cover. At the moment, I’m doing character sketches before starting on the color thumbnails for the whole painting. Slow and steady work.  

I feel like such a girl geek laying this all on the table out like this. It sounds like some pie-in-the sky project that will be talked about forever and never actually done. But that's not the way I work. It'll all get there, eventually. And hopefully be worth it when it does. 

I already have quite a bit planned for the book launch, including some videos and sample chapters available on my website. It should be exciting and fun! So, that's it for tonight. I’ll be back again soon. Now back to the drawing board.

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