Friday, September 21, 2012

Rodney’s Saga Blog Illustrations

I’m delighted to report that another of my illustrations has appeared on Katherine Walcott’s Rodney’s Saga blog. Please check out her wonderful articles on barn and horse-life.

Of the entire series of illustrations, this one is my favorite. In it I tried to capture that “lighter than air quality” horses get when they’re being very, very naughty. Even the heaviest steppers somehow turn into balloons at times and launch themselves off the ground. I myself have been launched many times. Fortunately for me, my current horse is a bit too heavy and gentlemanly for sustained launches. All the same, after years of riding Thoroughbreds, I certainly know how it goes. My best advice, from my old eventing days, is to hold on tight and kick for all you’re worth! Cheers everyone!

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