Friday, July 20, 2012

In Praise of Black Prismacolor Pencils

In an experimental phase, I decided to take a page from manga artist Mark Crilley’s sketchbook and try using a black Prismacolor pencil instead of ink for some preliminary manga sketches. I keep a jar of black and white Prismacolor pencil stubs in my closet for just such experiments. I brought them out tonight to try a quick sketch of a well-known actor I saw on the web. (I would tell you who it was but I changed enough of him to make him look quite different.)  Here’s the result…
Manga boy (black Prismacolor pencil)
This was the second drawing I’ve done using a black Prismacolor pencil instead of ink and I must say that I was quite pleased with the result. Faster and easier than ink, the wax-based Prismacolor pencils should also resist watercolor pencils and markers, giving me an easy way to color the sketches. Of course, ink is still my preferred medium for more finished pieces, but the pencil seemed to work well for something both fast and easy. It also gave me pretty good depth of color. More on this to follow…

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