Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Wrap-up

When one looks back on a year recently completed, it seems difficult or even impossible to encapsulate all the profound feelings experienced in just a short series of words. The discrete events are easier, but not easy. Things that seemed hugely important in the past, seem to quickly lose significance through the backwards lens of time.

2011 was a profound year for many, many people and I am no exception. A year that started off still in heavy mourning for my deceased mother and which was quickly followed by the unexpected death of my father-in-law. This led to many profound moments of stress between Matt and myself. Much needed to be re-thought in our lives without the comfort of three of four parents who were now gone.

We weathered that series of storms and, as the year progressed, somehow came back much stronger. A miracle surely and one that I am truly glad of.  By November, and our 21st anniversary, we had just bought our first home together and we were in a remarkable place of peace, happiness and tandem purpose. Truly a joy.

On a further personal note I decided to make some major changes to my diet and lifestyle this Fall and to date have lost over 28 pounds.

In the world of business, my dual businesses continued to work smoothly together. In my massage practice, I found myself working at the racetrack for the Summer season and that proved to be incredibly fun. I have to admit to being a bit weary of massage after 27 (soon to be 28) years of practice, however.

My new art business continues to grow and had some wonderful successes this year. I felt brave enough to enter four art contests with three of the pieces created in colored pencil and one in pen & ink. I did several commissioned portraits, experimented with some new art techniques in water-soluble media, created 15 new greeting card designs, designed professional logos for clients, and created five Kindle book covers. I also opened a web store of my own, started a newsletter (you can sign up here), and published an E-zine art article. Phew!

Oh yes, I also created a coloring book.

My coloring book was a huge deal for me. My first real product for sale (besides the greeting cards) it came out in time for Christmas and is now being carried by three large, nationally recognized saddleries. It is the first of a series of eight that I have planned. I loved creating it and am eager (as soon as I finish unpacking at the new house!) to get started on the next one.

Plans for 2012

I’m excited about the coming year. I have plans to create several more coloring books and start something very new art-wise in my blog. (Shh, it’s still a secret ‘til after the first!)  I look forward to doing more design work for clients, as well as snagging a few more portrait commissions. I have plans to practice my watercolor painting rather religiously, and continue losing weight.

Matt and I have house renovation plans that should keep us busy for most of the year, and my father is trying to get me to take several trips, including one to Paris to visit with my sister, who currently lives there.

It promises to be a busy year. Most likely different than expected but then, who wants everything to be expected anyway? That takes the fun out of everything!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!


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