Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Long time, no post

Oh my, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here! Today I thought it about time to let folks know what I've been up to. First off, I've been working on a large colored pencil commission of two Pointers. For each commission, I provide my client with a personal, secret webpage on my site where they can watch the progress of their portrait. It's proved a very popular feature that gives a client a lot of peace of mind about their portrait. :-) When the portrait is done and delivered, and with the client's permission, I'll post it here. ;-)

I've been playing around with Distress Inks and are finding them delightful. I've made a bunch of freebie promotional  bookmarks and have been experimenting with card and tags. I love the look of distressed paper and am considering some new options for a line of Etsy cards combining distressed paper, collage, and my artwork. Pretty fun!

My distress ink samples

Promotional bookmarks

Finally, after MANY, MANY years I have gotten myself a proper photographic set-up for small product photography. WHAT A RELIEF!!! The photos above were taken in a tent with a black sweep behind them and tra la! I AM SO HAPPY!! Back in the day, I was pretty good at both product and studio portrait photography. It's really nice resurrecting some very old skills. ;-)


  1. I have never heard of distress inks. Very cool! I love the colors. Your photos look great too.

  2. Thanks Ann. :-) The colors are luscious and there are quite a few of them available. Distress Inks really live over in the crafting category rather than fine arts, but I'm sure they can cross over. They're really interesting. I'd like to try them next as backgrounds for pen & ink pieces.