Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter’s Foal

"Winter's Foal" part 1
What could be finer than a cute, little, new guy to usher in the New Year? I have long been a fan of the old magazine covers that personified the New Year as a baby and the old year as an oldster. Since the New Year is coming fast, I couldn’t resist starting a new piece showing a baby horse. My family raised Thoroughbreds when I was growing up and I got to know foals quite well. Some of them were quite the little stinkers. This little guy clearly follows in that tradition. You can see it in his eye, can’t you?

This will be my first piece done entirely in Faber-Castell Polychromos colored pencils. I usually work with a mix of colored pencil brands with the lion’s share being my old standby, Prismacolors. I was interested to see how the non-waxy Polychromos pencils would build towards a complete piece. So far so good!

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