Tuesday, June 8, 2010

More SIFF…

In the interest of keeping up with my desire to record a sketch from each SIFF movie this year (or at least of a grouping of movies), I have a new sketch page to show you. This one to mark two movies we saw over the past two nights at Seattle’s historic Neptune Theater. Anyone who knows the Neptune will remember that the old theater has a sea-based theme. Inside it has port-hole windows (as does the Admiral by the way) and wonderful decorations of shells, and tridents, and, I just realized last night, huge Sea King heads with glowing eyes way up high on the tops of pillars around the inside of the theater. Really cool! But alas, too late to draw this time…darn!  But I did want to record one of the cheesy, but iconic, stained glass windows also inside the theater. There are four and they all depict Neptune in one scene or another. If the drawing looks child-like that’s because it’s accurate. *big smile* I used Pitt pens and Derwent Intense pencils to get the stained glass effect.

Last night we was saw a real winner of a movie called “The Wild Hunt.” Although it was low budget and the first film of co-creators Alexandre Franchi and Mark Antony Krupa, it was quite good. To honor it I wanted to mark it specially on my journal page - see the antlered-skull on the bottom of the page. This little pen & ink drawing was really fun to do. I guess I kind of miss my Scientific Illustration days. *lol*

You never know with SIFF films. The ones you’re really looking forward to based on their “buzz” many times fail to satisfy, while the obscure ones like this year’s “Wild Hunt’ and 2008’s “Eagle and Shark” will surprise and delight you. Actually, in the case of “The Wild Hunt,” delight is not the right word. Terrify or disturb would be more accurate. But also impress as in the depth of the writers’ interest in L.A.R.P.s (Live Action Role Playing) and their understanding of traditional Icelandic sagas and myths in general. Kudos to the boys from Quebec on their first film!

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